Friday, November 4, 2016

Get a business loan fast regardless of your credit score!

Hello, my name is Johnny Giles and I am a business consultant who provides a wide range of turnkey business services. You can view my website and see my portfolio and read testimonials from many of my Clients here;

If you are in need of a "Bad Credit Business Loan" and you have at least $5k per month in revenue into your Business Checking Account then you are likely going to qualify for a loan through my reliable source!

You will have to sign my "resources" funding contract and all of your communications will be through him after I make the referral. My "Point of Contact" has a very good reputation in helping business owners with any type of credit.

So why am I having you contact me first? Two reasons actually; 1.) I want to make sure you meet the minimum requirements as my resource is very busy and 2.) I am referring you to him so that I may get referrals from him for what I do as well as showcase to you my services so that when you obtain your business loan you may be interested in allowing me the privilege of helping you expand and grow your business!

Doing business with people like my "funding resource" and myself will ultimately save you time and money because we are both very passionate about customer service and fast turn-around!

This is just some of what I do for my Clients;

In addition to business plans and presentations I provide the following services;

I can assist you and your business with;

Branding and Imaging

Business Plan, Presentation and RFP Writing and Design

Collateral Marketing and Promotional Materials

Folder media Kits, Brochures and Flyers

Spokesmodel and Image Video Design

Website Design and Mobile App Development

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

and more...

Email me at or call 980-505-3079 anytime for more information!

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